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Why Skylens?

Experience – Skylens was established in 2012 to provide professional UAV/drone imaging services. In that time Skylens has safely completed many hundreds of flights for a diverse range of clients.

Customer Service – We strive to deliver the highest possible level of service, with prompt replies and offering advice to those who are unsure of how to proceed.

Compliance and Insurance – We offer a service compliant with CAA regulations. Flights are logged with Airshare and when required we are in direct contact with air traffic control for co-ordination and clearance of flights. This means you don’t have to worry about breaking any airspace rules – we take care of all clearances beforehand. We have full comprehensive insurance cover including public liability cover.

Equipment - Skylens uses leading drones, cameras and technology. We have invested in New Zealand made Aeronavics UAV's, a high spec BOT for aerial mapping and survey, and a custom built XM X4 for aerial photography (these are no hobby aircraft!) We use a 24 megapixel Sony A6000 and 18 megapixel Canon DSLR. All our craft are regularly maintained.

Safety - Personal safety and protection of property is a top priority. We have safety checks and procedures we follow both pre and post flight. In most cases, Skylens has two people on site, the pilot as well as an observer for public safety. Every operation is evaluated and if we feel that a job is unsafe due to weather conditions or high risk, we maintain the right to cancel or postpone the service.