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UAV technology is an effective solution to safely and effortlessly carry out inspections of roofs and other inaccessible areas and difficult to reach structures.

The level of detail that can quickly and cost effectively be captured, can greatly assist in maintenance plans and insurance claims, while at the same time eliminating the cost of deploying cherry pickers, scaffolding and the like. Staff are not put at risk, and can focus on resolving problems rather than searching them out.

Inspections, particularly of larger roofs, can be supplied as an orthomosaic photo. We produce this by merging a number aerial images to give a high resolution view of the entire roof area. An orthomosaic photo is especially useful for monitoring the overall condition of a roof, it’s also spatially correct and uniform in scale so can be used to accurately measure distances.

If repeat inspections are required, our UAVs can be sent on exact pre-programmed repeatable flight paths to ensure consistent comparisons.